The Eternal Call Of The Past

Greek Key Annodised Titanium Ring From Whitewolf Jewellery

Modern Greek Key Design Ring

Why have so many ancient origin design ideas and motifs stood the test of time? From Celtic symbols, to classical Greek, Roman and Babylonian aesthetic forms, all still firmly regarded and beautiful in our modern world.

The simplistic elegance of a Greek key design or the intricate balance of a Celtic knot, are as admired and attractive to modern sensibilities as they presumably were to those people of antiquity, fortunate enough to be able to afford such luxuries as adornments.

Did earlier civilisations simply ‘hit’ on perfection first time?, Creating ideas so pleasing that their inherent attraction will never wane. Or do we find ourselves attracted to these forms from a far distant time and cultures much removed from our own, as an involuntary or deliberate need to be associated with designs that evoke a ‘romance’ or simplicity seldom seen in our time?

Movember Lady-Style

Don’t panic; we’re not going to encourage you to grow a moustache ladies! But as you probably know, we have entered the month of November and this means that a lot of men will start to grow a moustache. If you’re still feeling a little bit confused and you’ve been wondering for all this time why the opposite sex seems to get hairier during winter… then no it’s not to keep warm…it’s all part of the charity event held every year known as Movember which raises funds and awareness for men’s health.

So how can us ladies do our part for Movember? This year we’re in luck as jewellery sporting a moustache pendant or pattern have become really popular. It’s quite a random fashion statement, but that’s what makes it so trendy and quirky. Moreover, it provides a fantastic way to show your support for all the men taking part in Movember this year. Take a look at some of the moustache jewellery pieces you can find in stores and online today:


So ladies, will you be taking part in Movember this month?


Hot New Jewellery Trend – Midi Rings

These hot Midi rings are a huge trend right now. The little rings are to be worn halfway down the finger, and can be stacked or worn by themselves to create a different type of statement. They come in all different designs in silver, gold, and other colors that you like to wear. Wearing one at a time is fun, but wearing several is a lot more fun. You will find this hot jewellery accessory on celebrities and socialites alike. They add a funky flair to your fingers, and dress them up prettily. You can get them online at jewellery shops, and Etsy or at your local jewellery store. You simply must get in on the Midi ring trend. You can wear them with dangels, and some even have chains to attach to a lower ring. This is a fun way to try something new!


Why Titanium Rings?

titanium rings

Titanium & Zirconium Rings

A modern material for the modern age, now available for state of the art jewellery and especially for rings due to the fantastic properties of these metals that have revolutionised the jewellery world.

In colour, titanium more closely resembles platinum than white gold. Its amazing properties make it a much treasured and exclusive material for rings designed to last forever such as engagement and wedding rings. In addition, unlike white gold, it will never show any tinge of yellow even under the strongest and brightest light. White gold, which is basically gold with an addition of rhodium to whiten the gold, will appear less than pure white in ordinary daylight.

Titanium also compares extremely favourably with the more traditional metals used for rings, in its durability and resistance to knocks and scratches. Whilst no metal will be guaranteed to remain free from scratches, the properties of Titanium will ensure a titanium ring will remain unblemished long after other softer metals such as gold or silver, for example. It has therefore become a highly popular premium material for rings designed to be worn every day.

Particularly prized for tension rings where precision and strength are vital to provide maximum security to the stone, something even platinum cannot guarantee. In creating titanium jewellery, the designer is freed from the constraints of weight and cost associated with other traditional metal. Your dream will be boldly expressed your into the solid and everlasting reality of your chosen wedding rings – a true marriage of art and science.

Titanium is as strong as steel but about 50% lighter making it one of the strongest metals currently available. Such is its durability that titanium has been used in space, at the bottom of the ocean and in the medical industry. Its strength to weight ratio favourably rivals that of steel and because it is non-reactive with air it will not oxidize and is hypoallergenic. Titanium has many varied applications due to its particular structural characteristics and beneficial properties; it has become the preferred metal for prosthesis devices, such as hip replacements.

Zirconium is a sister metal to titanium. Zirconium is an ideal metal for rings, especially suited to state of the art and high-tech designs currently favoured by modern couples. It comes in either a silver finish or a dark metal finish that is often favoured by men. This enables couples to have rings of similar design with the woman wearing a white ring and the man a black finish. A special 5-hour heat treatment process that transforms the surface into a very hard and protective coating creates black zirconium rings. Nothing is added to the ring so the finish will remain and make the ring even more resistant. It is extremely rare for black zirconium rings to get damaged that may explain why in addition to its stunning and eye-catching colour, it is a favourite among men choosing a wedding band.

Extremely strong like titanium, it too will wear considerably better than a traditional 18 carat gold ring. Zirconium is also hypoallergenic and will not tarnish, making it a material of choice for wedding rings and engagement rings alike. Zirconium, much like titanium, is much lighter than other metals and its thermal properties have earned it a place in nuclear reactors. Wedding rings made of zirconium will be light and extremely strong, making it an ideal choice for those involved in manual activities and worried about damaging their rings.

No other metal has had more of an impact on our modern lives. By choosing titanium or zirconium for your wedding ring you will be making a statement of durability. It has been said that if titanium and zirconium had been discovered earlier and mankind had possessed the skills it now possesses, they would now be the preferred metal over platinum and gold for all jewellery.


Are Titanium and Zirconium new metal?
No but they were not discovered until the late 18th century. Strangely, we owe both to the same man, a German chemist named Martin Klaroth. These fantastic metals were first used in the jewellery world in the 1990s and have grown in popularity ever since due to their strength and versatility.

Are they safe to wear?
Yes, both metals are extremely safe. They are hypoallergenic and will not cause a reaction on the skin even when exposed to sweat for long periods. This makes them particularly prized for people with delicate skin, as even gold has been known in some rare cases to cause an allergic reaction.

Will the metal tarnish since they are not precious metals?
Absolutely not! The process of tarnishing or oxidation cannot take place unless there is a reaction between the metal and the oxygen in the atmosphere. Both metals are inert which means they will neither tarnish nor corrode even after prolonged exposure to salt, sunlight or sweat. Titanium is even resistant to acids

Can the ring be cut off in an emergency?
Good question! Your new ring will be almost impossible to damage through normal wear and tear but the answer is yes, of course. The equipment used in hospital will be able to cut through with no difficulty.

Are they not cheap replacements for people who can’t afford precious metals?
Absolutely not! The technology needed to manufacture the rings and the skills involved in the creation of your future ring accounts for a large proportion of the cost. In addition, because these metals are so durable, they are recommended for the creation of rings with large stones which will be shown off to best advantage as less metal will be needed to hold the stone in place.

Where do the names come from?
Titanium was named after the Greek Titans, the 12 mythical children of Earth and Heavens, greatly feared because of their superhuman strength. Zirconium was named after the Persian name for gold to denote its precious qualities.

Peacock Themed Jewellery

The Proud Peacock

With their iridescent blue-green plumage, peacocks are beautiful to look at. They will proudly fan out their tail to attract the opposite sex as the males are the ones blessed with all the beauty.Peacocks are gorgeous fascinating creatures so it is no surprise that their feathers and unique look have inspired many pieces of jewellery from costume to elegant pieces.


A Trend Here to Stay

The trend of peacock feathers and peacock themed jewellery isn’t going anywhere. It just adapts with the time and can be anything from mod to modern. The colors are vibrant and most of the pieces are look artistic.


Peacocks can easily be incorporated into any piece and look great with all your outfits because they are so colorful. Whether you wear a peacock pendant or a pair of peacock feather earrings, you will be rocking your accessories in style.


The peacock is a symbol of immortality because ancients believed that they had flesh that did not decay after death. In Greece the peacock feather was thought to be all seeing like an eye. No matter the reason you wear the peacock style jewellery you can bet that it will never go out of style.


Baubles n Bits

Baubles n Bits

Click Here to see the Facebook Page

There are lots of people making jewellery and selling it online. It is not always unique, and it is not always good quality. That isn’t the case with Baubles n Bits, they have consistently had the cutest and most unique pieces. Facebook has become a hot spot for selling jewellery and other accessories online, and I like to share when I find a little shop I think our readers will like. Baubles n Bits has unique pieces and they are certainly worth taking a look at.


Their mission statement is a great one! “To accessorize everyone with beautiful, one of a kind pieces, all at a price we can afford.” Located in Idaho the Facebook page for the company already has over 11,000 likes. They have unique and fun jewellery that people really like, and that they can afford. The owner Rena started to make jewellery after she was diagnosed with cancer. It took her mind off of the disease and gave her an outlet.

The jewellery that is sold on the page is fun and different. You will be happy to have something that not everyone has. The themes are all different.
The scissors could be for someone who wants something different, or someone who cuts hair. There are also themed jewellery such as different sports and even holiday jewellery. Check out their page today on Facebook and find some fantastic baubles n bits.
*small disclaimer Baubles and Bits still makes a lot of their own jewellery, but they also have retail that they bring in from other locations. Whether you get a hand made bauble or a brought in bit, you are sure to find something that makes you happy!

Steampunk Jewellery

Steampunk Jewelleryimages (2)


Steampunk seems to be a big trend taking over these days. It is in movies, books, fashion, and now jewellery.

Steampunk is an interesting genre because it takes a Victorian era world and changes it a bit so you can imagine what would have happened had there been steam power as the driving force in culture. It also includes elements of science fiction. The jewellery is a darker more technologically driven style.

There is a big focus on clocks, and gears in steampunk jewellery. A lot of it is pulled apart watch parts and gears that are put back together. Other popular themes include old antique looking pieces. Things like pill cases and very old keys are just some of the things that might be used. The color of this type of jewellery will not be bright. You will see dark

images (1)

silver, copper, and brushed aluminum.

Steampunk jewellery is mostly handmade, and each piece is unique. There is some very expensive one of a kind steampunk pieces, and there are several different jewellery makers that specialize in creating them. The more affordable variety are the kind that you can make yourself, but it can be a wonderful way to re-purpose old watch parts. The watches they make today are not as nice as vintage, which is why steampunk jewellery can often be the most sought after. images (3)



Spring 2013 Jewellery Trends

If you look outside your window right now you’ll probably see a blanket of snow covering your surroundings, making it hard to believe that spring is on the horizon. Nevertheless, come rain or shine, every fashionista needs to prepare for next season’s trends. So, what jewellery looks should you be rocking for spring 2013?

neon jewellery

Neon and Crystal

The combination of neon and crystal is something which creates a dramatic and startling effect. This provides the perfect way to add some zest and energy to any outfit you are wearing. This is statement jewellery at its finest; it is loud and attention grabbing. No matter what you are wearing your jewellery will certainly take centre stage and attract a wealth of compliments.



During 2012 we saw owl jewellery run riot, and now it is the turn of the snake. The great thing about this trend is that it possesses so much potential to play around with different shapes. Bracelets and rings whereby the snake can wrap around one’s hand or finger look fantastic. This is a trend which is already a celebrity favourite as well with the following stars all having been spotted with snake jewellery on; Sarah Jessica Parker, Britney Spears and Ciara.

ear cuffsFloral Ear Wraps

This is a trend which is set to flourish in spring and take us right through the festival season. Last year we went wild for floral headbands and now ear wraps present an unusual alternative. This trend is quirky and unique yet at the same time feminine and pretty – the perfect balance. Kesha recently rocked this trend at the American Music Awards and were sure that many celebrities will be following suit for their next red carpet appearances.

Top 3 Jewellery Looks At The Golden Globes 2013

Last night the stars of film and television hit the red carpet for the 70th Golden Globe Awards. It was a great night for some of our favourite female celebrities, with Anne Hathaway, Adele and Jennifer Lawrence all winning awards. But who triumphed on the style front? Take a look at our top three jewellery looks from the evening…

Louise Roe Golden Globes

3) LOUISE ROE – As a fashion journalist and television presenter you’d expect Louise Roe to know how to look good. And, she certainly didn’t disappoint last night. The stunning gold rose earrings she wears are completely contrasting with the gothic look of her lace dress and this works fantastically. The blend between the two styles creates a truly show stopping effect. The delicate gold earrings are laced with stunning small diamonds, and whilst her outfit as a whole is very loud, her earrings still manage to stand out.

Jessica Alba Golden Globes

2) JESSICA ALBA – The actress brought a hint of summer to the red carpet in her stunning coral dress. The look was completed with a statement clutch bag, a dazzling diamond necklace and a pair of matching diamond studs. The jewellery embodies everything glamorous and Ms. Alba certainly looked a million dollars. The necklace takes the look and gives it a whole new edge and takes it to an entirely different level. She is also emulating a trend for the year ahead; lots of bling.

Megan Fox Golden Globes

1) MEGAN FOX – The Transformers actress picked a delicate and elegant light pink dress, allowing her earrings to grab all of the attention. The pink drop earrings are elaborate, intriguing and unusual. The centre stones match the colour of Megan’s dress whilst the pink diamonds around the outside look beautiful and bold. The earrings give the dress a more playful and quirky edge, which is a bold move to make considering many would have tried to play on the elegant and simplistic look. Nevertheless, it is a bold move which was certainly worth taking.

Sparkle This Year – New Jewellery, New You…

The New Year’s celebrations have been and past, and now it is time to get ready for the year ahead and settle into our usual routines. Yet, it is always best to start the year with added vigour and zest, and there is no better way to do this then by feeling stylish, sparkly and stunning. And, a new piece of jewellery can certainly do that for you.


Now is the time to update your jewellery box; the January sales are still ongoing and thus you are bound to be able to find a bargain. Go for something sparkly with a lot of bling as it will radiate and put you in a good mood for the rest of the day. A diamond ring or a bold statement necklace with a sparkly pendant can be a great way to get noticed and feel revitalised.


Moreover, glistening jewellery is a great addition to enhance any boring and bland office wear. Thus, you can go back to work feeling and looking radiant. Furthermore, diamonds are highly versatile and thus will be well suited for all seasons, so you won’t have to have a revamp once the beauty of spring begins to set upon the UK.